LoopEride is a new branch of Loopy Lupine. Loopy + Electric + Rides = LoopEride!

Our mission is to provide electric powered personal transportation rides to Homer, the Kenai Peninsula, and across Alaska. Electric rides help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save money when used for commuting, give you some exercise, and last but not least, these things are super fun to ride!

Here’s our current lineup, click on an image for details. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask! we have more models coming!

To check out one of these rides, call or e-mail for an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. You must bring your own helmet and mask to test ride. We will have the bikes set up and ready to go outside our warehouse. Just call 235-5100 or email ride@loopylupine.com .

Full Frame Bicycles

Kachemak Cruiser Fat Tire Step-Over

Awaiting New 500W Stock / 2 In Stock Now! (750W)

Kachemak Cruiser Fat Tire Step-Through

1 In Stock Now!

Kachemak Cruiser Plus Fat Tire Step-Over

2 In Stock Now!

Town Cruiser Step-Over

1 In Stock Now!

Wolverine AWD 600 Fat Tire

Available Early June

Lynx 750 Fat Tire

Available Late May

Mid-Drive 1000 Fat Tire

Available Early June

Fat Tire Mountain Bike 800W

Available Early June

Cargo Bike 750W

Available Early June

Folding Bicycles

Fox Folder 500 Step-Over

Fox Folder 500 Step-Through

1 In Stock Now!

Fox Folder Plus Step-Over

Sly Fox Folder – Integrated Battery

Kachemak Carrier Trike

1 In Stock Now!

Electric Mobility

LoopE 9S Scooter

Available late May

Marmot Folding Mobility Scooter

Available Late May

Scooters and ATVs

Wolf 3K

Available Late May

Cafe 3K

Available Late May

Moose 4X4

Available Late May

Hawk Quad

Available Late May

235-5100 or ride@loopylupine.com for a test ride.